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Silver Surfer

von Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "silver surfer figur". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Berechtigt zum kostenfreien Versand. Der Silver Surfer ist einer der mächtigsten Helden des Universums. Er war ursprünglich ein Zenn-Lavianer namens Norrin Radd, der mit seiner Geliebten Shalla. Marvel News, Blog, Articles & Press Releases | Marvel​​ Silver Surfer by John Buscema. The Surfer controls the power cosmic to the point were,though he cannot resurrect the dead,he can rejuvenate and restore a person from near death.

Comic Review: Silver Surfer: Black (Panini Comics)

Mit „Silver Surfer: Black“ erzählt Marvel-Autor Donny Cates eine Geschichte über Liebe, Schuld, Vergessen und selten gebotenen. Der Silver Surfer ist einer der mächtigsten Helden des Universums. Er war ursprünglich ein Zenn-Lavianer namens Norrin Radd, der mit seiner Geliebten Shalla. Marvel News, Blog, Articles & Press Releases | Marvel​​ Silver Surfer by John Buscema. The Surfer controls the power cosmic to the point were,though he cannot resurrect the dead,he can rejuvenate and restore a person from near death.

Silver Surfer Silver Surfer #34 Video

Beyond Omega Level: Silver Surfer - Comics Explained

Everything seems to be going great for the Fantastic Four. Reed and Sue are finally getting married, and things couldn't seem better.

However, when the mysterious Silver Surfer crashes things, they learn that they will have to deal with an old foe, and the powerful planet eating Galactus.

Written by ahmetkozan. This exciting second part has again the extraordinary quartet taking on the threats to the world with his incredible force.

It begins when occur weird events on faraway planets. Meanwhile our friends are living of comfortable manner, as Reed Richards Ioan Gruffud and Sue Storm Jessica Alba are planning to marry themselves.

Mr Fantastic goes to a funny bachelor-party where uses dancing his ability to stretch his body to any shape. But a new dangers appear, as Galactus, an incredible space entity, he has decided that Earth is its next aim and sends Silver Surfer Doug Jones with voice by Laurence Fishburne.

Then the Fantantic four led by Mr Fantastic, the Invisible girl with telekinetic powers, the Human Torch, Johnny Storm Chris Evans spreading blazing balls and the super-strong rock hunk named Ben Grimm or Thing Michael Chiklis and enamored to Alice Masters: Kerry Washington fight against Silver Surfer, the Galactus's henchman.

But again the dangerous enemy Doctor Victor Van Doom Julian McMahon is ready to return. The Four are the only ones along with the military Andre Braugher,Beau Garret can defeat Galactus, the worlds devourer.

This spectacular comic-books movie contains fantasy, noisy action, humor,romance, thrills and is pretty bemusing. Breathtaking array of technical effects with impressive set pieces illuminate the 4 fantastic's full-blown adventures.

The amazing plot is pure entertainment and correctly based on characters created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, as usual appears in a sympathetic cameo.

Atmospheric and appropriate musical score, fitting to action by John Ottman. Overwhelming production design , though full of digital effects by Petruccelli.

Colorful cinematography by Larry Blanford and rousing visual and special effects by Weta Digital. The motion picture is professionally directed by Tim Story Barber Shop, Taxi , first part's director.

There are several rumors a following with Silver Surfer as starring but is hard to tell if that will happen. The picture will like to Marvel heroes fans.

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In 43, Reed comments that Gah Lak Tus seems to have modeled its drones on this surfer, and he gives his name as Norin Radd. The Searcher states that he will summon his "master", who will make the population of the Earth happier than they have ever been.

In 44, the Surfer's master is revealed to be Zenn-La's ruler, Revka Temerlune Edifex Scyros III, "the king without enemies", who uses mind-control to make the population of Earth worship him before it takes effect on the Fantastic Four, the Human Torch calls him " Psycho-Man ".

It is revealed that the Surfer has been exiled from Zenn-La for destroying the control that Psycho-Man had over Zenn-La, but because of finding Earth for his master to "save" he may return.

After Psycho-Man gains domain over Earth, the Silver Surfer, temporarily imprisoned in his own 'memorial' statue, rescues Mr. Fantastic, tells him his story, and asks him to save Earth.

The Surfer then helps the Fantastic Four defeat other Surfer-like assassins of Psycho-Man. With the Surfers beaten and the insane Psycho-Man reprogrammed to experience the unthinking happiness he had imposed on others, Silver Surfer wanders the space ways.

In Ultimate X-Men , Jean Grey as Phoenix travels through space and is stopped by what is named as "A Silver Surfer". He informs Phoenix that the Watchers disapprove of the problems her flight across the universe is causing and briefly battles her before asking what she is looking for.

On Earth , Norrin Radd had been a great military scientist who accidentally destroyed his own world with his greatest invention.

Determined to bring it back to existence, he approached Galactus , Restorer of Worlds, and became his herald in the hope that Galactus would resurrect his world in exchange for his service.

However, Galactus had taken an oath to only revive those worlds destroyed by the Blight. An enraged Silver Surfer then turned against his master, destroying those who worshiped him and attempting to kill Galactus himself in order to steal the knowledge of world restoration.

This led to the destruction of Earth, the coming of the Exiles , the deaths of the Shi'ar Imperial Elite Guard, and inevitably the Surfer's own destruction at the claws of a cosmically empowered Sabretooth.

The Silver Surfer remains uninfected in the Marvel Zombies on Earth Instead of coming to Earth and meeting the Fantastic Four, he is attacked by a horde of zombies.

After fighting valiantly, he is killed by the Hulk , and his body is devoured by a few of the zombies Hulk, Colonel America , Giant-Man , Iron Man , Luke Cage , Wolverine , and Spider-Man.

His corpse grants the zombies a portion each of his cosmic powers, which they use to kill all of the other zombie heroes and villains whom they consider "competition" for what's left of the living.

Afterwards, Pym creates a machine that concentrates the Cosmic powers they all share to create a massive blast that kills Galactus , at which point they eat him.

Now imbued with the power of Galactus himself and realizing they can now fly and survive in space , they adopt his role, traveling the universe and picking worlds clean of life.

During the finale of Last Planet Standing , the Silver Surfer foils Galactus's plan to create a new Big Bang, merging with Galactus himself in the process to become a new being.

Gaining control of Galactus's powers, the new entity undoes the damage done by the old Galactus. In the alternate timeline of Earth, notably the Guardians of the Galaxy issues 24 and 25 story arc , Norrin Radd was featured as The Keeper.

This new version of the Silver Surfer, sans his surfboard, had Quantum Bands , which augmented his "Power Cosmic" and designated him as the Protector of the Universe, as with other bearers of the Bands before him.

He works with the Guardians in an attempt to kill Galactus once and for all, his first attempt with Firelord and Dargo-Thor having failed.

Eventually, the Keeper realizes that, with his augmented power, he can supply Galactus with the energy he needs and end the Planet-Eater's consumption of worlds.

Eon , cosmic being and creator of the Quantum Bands, reveals that this was the ultimate purpose of the Keeper becoming the Protector of the Universe, and he enters into a symbiotic partnership with Galactus, who accepts the Keeper as an equal; he is last seen leaving with Galactus, riding a silver surfboard once more.

In issue 11 and 12 of the Earth X series, Black Bolt calls upon Galactus to come destroy the Celestial seed growing within Earth. The Silver Surfer accompanies him along with his love Shalla-Bal, who had now been turned into a silver herald of Galactus as well.

Parallax beats the Cyborg, but the Silver Surfer lets him go and tries to sympathize with Parallax. The two return to Earth to find Kyle Rayner with Thanos, leading them to believe they formed an alliance when in reality Thanos tricked Kyle.

Kyle convinces the Surfer to help him stop Parallax and Thanos from destroying the universe and that he was duped into giving Thanos Oa's power.

The Surfer similarly gave most of his power to Parallax to reform the destroyed planet, forcing Kyle to use his ring to drain both villains of their enhanced powers before they can destroy everything.

Unable to contain the power himself, Kyle channels the power from the two villains into the Silver Surfer, who opens a portal and sucks the two inside.

Silver Surfer was featured in different issues of What If? In Warren Ellis 's Ruins , the Silver Surfer is briefly seen when described by Mar-Vell to reporter Phil Sheldon.

When the Kree Liberation Force set forth to invade Earth, they found the floating mutilated corpse of the Surfer near Earth's moon.

Mar-Vell says that he and his comrades concluded that the Surfer had been driven mad because of his lack of need for oxygen and clawed open his chest in order to expose his lungs to the atmosphere, but died of shock.

In addition to his history of publication in comic books, the Silver Surfer has appeared or starred in several prose fiction books:.

One stamp shows the Silver Surfer on his board, and another features the cover of the first issue of the series.

The Silver Surfer is referenced in the Marc Bolan and T. Rex song " Teenage Dream ", a single from the album Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow.

The Silver Surfer appears on the cover of the Joe Satriani album Surfing with the Alien. Satriani was actually unfamiliar with the character at the time; the album's production manager suggested the character's usage.

The British metal band Bal-Sagoth named their fourth album The Power Cosmic , and dedicated one song to the Silver Surfer—"The Scourge of the Fourth Celestial Host".

The Silver Surfer has appeared in several Marvel-based action figure and toy lines, including one celebrating the 30th anniversary of the character's first appearance, and three based on the animated series.

The Silver Surfer starred in his own "all-prism" trading card series in , released by Comics Images. He has also appeared in many of Marvel's other trading card sets, notably each of the Marvel Universe Cards , Marvel Masterpieces , and Marvel Flair Cards trading card series as well as the Marvel OverPower trading card game.

The Silver Surfer was ranked as the 47th-greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine.

The series was given a negative review by Newsarama 's Pierce Lydon, who cites Laura Allred's coloring as the issue's biggest flaw. The character's various series have been collected into the following trade paperbacks :.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the comic book character. For other uses, see Silver Surfer disambiguation.

Main article: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Retrieved Archived from the original on Kirby: King of Comics Harry N.

Abrams , New York, , p. American Comic Book Chronicles: TwoMorrows Publishing. Back Issue! TwoMorrows Publishing 65 : 3. At the time, Stan Lee had some exclusivity with the Silver Surfer and asked other writers not to use him.

Marvel Chronicle A Year by Year History. Dorling Kindersley. This book was later recognized as Marvel's first true graphic novel. December Comics Interview Fictioneer Books.

Marvel Comics. Comic Book Resources CSBG Archive. Retrieved September 29, Comics Continuum. Behind the Voice Actors.

Retrieved 25 October Comic Book Resources. Retrieved 1 March AN EMPIRE OF ONE. McLean Vaughan Is Writing a Silver Surfer Movie for Fox ," io9.

HN Entertainment. The GWW. Retrieved September 14, Retrieved 23 October August 28, Retrieved 9 January Surfer Today. External link consists of a forum site summing up the top characters of Wizard Magazine since the real site that contains the list is broken".

Archived from the original on June 8, The best sites for senior life insurance. Where to find free adult colouring pages online.

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Alle Silver Surfer der Reihe RUTH BECKERMANN: Silver Surfer SEARCH FOR PERSONAL, was wre. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Gegen Ende kommt unerwartet der Silver Surfer hinzu, um die Welt zu retten.
Silver Surfer 6/13/ · Directed by Tim Story. With Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis. The Fantastic Four learn that they aren't the only super-powered beings in the universe when they square off against the powerful Silver Surfer and the planet-eating Galactus/10(K). is the leading website for over 50s. Packed with lifestyle articles, informative features, news, special offers and much more. Norrin Radd serves as the herald of Galactus, the devourer of worlds. Imbued with Power Cosmic and a board that travels faster than the speed of light, he crosses the distant stars and universes as the Silver Surfer.

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Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Der Silver Surfer ist eine Comic-Figur aus der Superhelden-Welt der Marvel Comics, die von Jack Kirby und Stan Lee erschaffen wurde. Sie wurde in der Story The Coming of Galactus in der Serie The Fantastic Four eingeführt, in einer. Der Silver Surfer ist eine Comic-Figur aus der Superhelden-Welt der Marvel Comics, die von Jack Kirby und Stan Lee erschaffen wurde. Sie wurde in der Story. Silver Surfer ist eine Bezeichnung für Internet-Nutzer ab einem Lebensalter von etwa 50 Jahren. Dieser Begriff umfasst sowohl die im deutschsprachigen. Der Silver Surfer ist einer der mächtigsten Helden des Universums. Er war ursprünglich ein Zenn-Lavianer namens Norrin Radd, der mit seiner Geliebten Shalla.


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